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How BrandXR and RapidPipeline Automatically Optimize 3D Models for Augmented Reality

March 11, 2024

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About this case study


  • Improve user experience of BrandXR Studio through fast automated 3D asset optimization.  
  • Ensuring every AR experience built on the BrandXR Studio is optimized for mobile AR and will not break  
  • Visualizing 3D assets at their highest fidelity and smallest file size


  • Integrate RapidPipeline API that helps completely automating the optimization of 3D models for different kinds of target platforms


  • 20.000 of 3D models optimized through BrandXR Studio  
  • Customers: NASA, NBA, Chevrolet, Ford

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BrandXR Studio – An end-to-end no code platform for creating AR experiences

To use the BrandXR Studio no developer is needed. The end-to-end no code AR platform enables anyone to build AR experiences.

The platform is simple to use. Choose between Image Tracking and Floor Tracking – whatever fits your use case best. The models for your own AR Experience are either already available and coming from different sources (CAD or any DCC tool) or can be selected through the integration of the 3D marketplace Sketchfab. Then everything is very simple. Select the use case, upload the model, customize the scene and you’re done. BrandXR studio offers simple to understand user interface where you can also adjust the real-world model sizing for the correct size representation. Aditionally, even add your own informational hotspots.

To achieve a high-quality and immersive result within the application it needs to be displayed correctly. But the optimization of assets for AR applications is highly complex and requires a lot of manual work, especially for BrandXR’s users – people from the marketing, sales & education sector without coding or 3D knowledge. BrandXR’s mission is to overcome the massive skills gap in AR creation. Therefore, we needed to find a solution.


How does RapidPipeline ensure smooth AR experiences?

RapidPipeline is the leading 3D data optimization API, enabling artists to focus on the essential work of creating assets. By completely automating the optimization of 3D models for different kind of target platforms, the RapidPipeline API can help achieve significant savings in time and costs, ultimately making the 3D content creation process much more efficient and hence scalable.

Since 2020, the RapidPipeline API is installed in the backend of the BrandXR Studio. That means it does its’ magical optimization work without the user noticing it. For all uploaded 3D assets RapidPipeline optimizes file size, geometry and reduces draw calls for the selected application and therefore helps achieve the best results for AR.


Let’s have a look at an example. The original armchair 3D model, boasting a substantial 2.1 million triangles and weighing in at 239 MB, with its post-processing counterpart after undergoing RapidPipeline’s transformative capabilities reveals a remarkable optimization.

Comparison between two 3D models

As you can see, the model’s complexity was significantly reduced, with the triangle count decreasing to less than 200K, and its size dramatically slimmed down to a mere 10MB. This remarkable reduction in both triangle count and file size showcases the effectiveness of employing mesh simplification techniques and compression algorithms during the conversion process.

With the integration of the RapidPipeline API into the backend of BrandXR, we are very pleased to help them in their mission to overcome the massive skills gap in AR creation.


“Since the integration of the RapidPipeline API, it’s almost impossible to break an AR experience built on the BrandXR Studio. The magical automated optimization that runs in the background may not be noticeable to the user, but our customers are amazed by the high-fidelity visuals and speed of the AR experiences.”

- Moody Mattan, Founder & CEO of BrandXR

a screenshot of the rapidpipeline UI

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