Why you should be using a 3D Viewer online in 2024

June 24, 2024

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Use cases of a 3D viewer

3D Viewers are vital in different kind of contexts:


Use Cases of 3D Viewers  What are they used for? 
Entertainment, Art and Gaming The main industry for 3D heavily relies on 3D Viewers to present their 3D models or have a look at their work  
Engineering Easily visualize complex machinery in different perspectives  
eCommerce Looking at products from different angles help the customer visualize the product before purchasing it, it creates an immersive experience 
Healthcare  Visualize anatomy for educational purposes or planning of surgeries or machinery used in healthcare 
Education A lot of educational facilities integrate 3D into their workflows, a 3D viewer can illustrate complex concepts in subjects like science, mathematics etc.  

There are many more use cases for 3d Viewers but we hope this gives you a good overview. 
We hope you learned something new about the vast world of 3D Viewers on the internet, and if you want to upload your model into a 3D Viewer, check out RapidPipeline and sign up for free!

Meet the Author


Technical 3D Artist

Hue is a 3D Artist / QA Artist / UI+UX Designer at DGG. Working with leading retailers, DGG is on a mission to automate 3D asset optimization workflows for Web, mobile and XR targets - for e-commerce, and beyond. Hue has previously worked for firms that specialize in VR/Real-time projects and her field of expertise is 3D Environment Art and Unreal Engine.