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June 10, 2024

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Augmented Reality is that sweet spot between the virtual and the real world. It allows us to show the viewer an enhanced reality and is an incredible tool for both E-Commerce and Entertainment. But how do we present our 3D models without programming? In this guide we explain you how to do it easily.

To get your model in an AR scene, you need to optimize it, convert it to a real-time format and have an application or viewer programmed for AR. Our RapidPipeline solution does all this for you, creating embedded scenes like this:


What formats do you need for Augmented Reality?

AR Environment Android  iOS 
Developed by Khronos Group Apple and Pixar 
PBR materials Yes Yes 
Material extensions Yes No 
Animation support Yes Yes 
Mesh and texture compression Yes No 

What to know before preparing your model

  • Real-time: 3D content that is rendered really fast, like Augmented Reality or video games. Real-time content can be interactive  
  • glTF: open-source standard 3D format mostly used for real-time applications, like AR in Android devices.  
  • USDZ: 3D format based on USD used for AR in Apple devices.  
  • Preset: Configuration that contains the parameters that will be applied for an optimization in RapidPipeline  
  • Embed: AR-ready 3D scene that can be integrated in any website (from RapidPipeline)

Convert your model to AR step by step

  1. Sign up for free: You can log in with just your e-mail here
  2. Upload your model: A variety of 3D formats are supported!
  3. Optimize with an existing or custom preset: Choose a standard preset or create your own with the parameters you want. Don´t forget to choose GLB and USDZ as export format. 
  4. Prepare your embed: Choose the lighting, background color, and much more. 
  5. Open the AR scene in your phone: Share the link and open the AR in your mobile device

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How the results look

The results look stunning in Augmented Reality, without writing a single line of code. Your models will shine on any platform, because the outputs are compatible with all standard mobile devices, even with the Apple Vision Pro.
Here's an example of an animated AR model:

a screenshot of the rapidpipeline UI

Streamline your 3D workflow. Try RapidPipeline, for Free.

No credit card needed.

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